Sunday, August 19, 2012

A New Chapter

Today, Brian and I add a new chapter to our story.  We become least for a few months.

Today, Samantha, our teenage exchange student from Australia, arrives.  She will be with us until January.  I am pretty excited.  And intimidated.  And elated.  And a little bit scared.

Sam is a beautiful young woman who will attend one of our local high schools.  As her mom reassured me, she is not interested in boyfriends, but let me assure you that the boys at her high school will be trying to change her mind!  Brian may have to start cleaning his guns on an even more regular basis.

Add to that the simple fact that Brian and I are accustomed to living a pretty selfish life.  If we don't feel like cooking, we don't.  If we feel like going to have a drink downtown, we do, either together or separately with friends.  We leave for work when we please and we stay as late as we want ( or as long as the dogs' bladders can hang on.)

We haven't had to consider someone else's needs besides our own, beyond babying our pets.  I think this experience will grow us!  I am grateful for the experience, and pretty stoked about stepping into parenting way past the diaper phase. 

I realize that teenagers present a whole new set of challenges.  Curfews, mood swings, boys, shopping, laundry.  Sam doesn't eat or drink junk, so even our eating habits will have to grow up a little bit.  We do pretty well now, but I have a feeling that we are about to get a whole lot healthier.  So we lose a few pounds and gain a beautiful daughter?  Yes, I think so!

I am amazed at Sam's courage and her parents' courage as well.  To send your 15 year old across the world to a couple that you have emailed for a week must be about the most frightening thing you could ever do.  We are honored to host her; and if you know me, you know it's been hard not to go hog wild decorating and buying her things even before she gets here.  I have restrained myself and bought her one welcome gift.  And next week I want to take her to pick out her new comforter for her bed.  And she'll probably need some curtains, too.  And maybe a new lamp.

When we have kids of our own (fingers crossed), Brian will have to put me on a VERY short financial leash or I may bankrupt us buying things! 

Sam arrives tonight at 8 pm, and our world will be in that moment, forever changed.  We can't wait!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Line Up

Sorry I haven't been posting lately.  It's been a crazy summer, but that is nothing new.  I guess sometimes you just need a break.  I noticed that this is my 150th post, and I suppose since this is such a special day, that is very fitting. 

Three years ago today, Brian and I were married.  Since we have been together for 15 years total, it seems a little strange to say three years.  I have loved him my entire adult life.  And so much life has happened in these three little years, it seems like such a small number.  But oh so significant.

Have I ever told you how we met? 

I was a junior at TCU, working at the Blockbuster Video on W. 7th and University.  (It's a Chipotle now.)  The FW police officer working security several times a week with me thought I should meet a nice guy.  He called three of his buddies from the Gang Unit to come by for my perusal.  At first I thought he must be joking, but it wasn't long before the first pair of partners strolled in.  I thought I would die of embarrassment; what was I supposed to say to them?

They stayed for a few minutes, shooting the breeze as I was deciding how I might kill my helpful little friend and hide the body.  Then the next two called to say they were on their way.  Oh wonderful.  "One of them thinks he's seen you before," Axel told me.  This puzzled and intrigued me. 

As soon as he walked in, I realized that he had seen me before and he had not escaped my notice either.

My routine when I arrived at work was to go to the Subway in the same shopping center for a drink.  One fine day a few weeks earlier, I nearly bumped right into a handsome devil in a uniform ordering his sandwich.  I wanted to speak to him but didn't want him to think it was the uniform that did it for me, so I took my order back to work, regretting not knowing what to say.

Turns out, he would have liked to talk to me that day, too.  Go figure. 

Not wanting to turn my nose up at Fate twice, I told Axel that Brian is the one I would like to know better.  He made the necessary call, and the rest is a very long history. 

So, in a manner of speaking, I found my cop husband in a line up 15 years ago.  How's that for a little bit of irony?