Sunday, April 21, 2013

Super Saturday

The Raynsfords had a pretty nice Saturday this weekend.  We started out at the Main Street Arts Festival downtown.  My handsome husband found a photographer that he really liked and we decided as a family (Brian, Hanna and me) that we should buy two of her pictures.  She is from Portland, OR and her photos are from that area.  One reminds us of the wooded path you take at Fallen Leaf Campground in California and one is a tree with its roots exposed on a cliff over the sea.  Hanna says they both look like Finland.  Seemed like they were meant to come home with us.  So, I guess we are art collectors of sorts.  

The weather was beautiful and it felt so good to be outside.  I will dream of this weather in September when it is so hot you can't take a deep breath.

Brian took Hanna up to see his office and we discovered that his partner needed help with a case, so Brian brought us home and he went back to work.  Hanna and I went to my sister friend Ann-Marie's birthday party.

And the highlight of our busy day was our first Skype with Jaime, our Kiwi girl for next year.  I love that we are getting to know her so early because we can include Hanna.  We will only have our second princess until June 8th, so she will miss meeting Jaime in person.  This way Hanna can greet Jaime the way Sam was able to greet her.  I like the full circle feel of it.  

We talked to Jaime, her mum, and her brother for 3 1/2 hours!  So much for her being shy as she warned me she might be.  It was lovely being able to talk and see each other.  Emails just aren't quite the same.

She laughed to hear our accents.  She's already teasing Brian and Hanna and I willingly piled on.  Good thing he is a really good sport.  

Sunday has been a pretty good day, too--lunch with the whole family and I vacuumed my fabulous new carpet.  I made a pound cake for Brian to take the office.  And Indiana Jones is on tv.  

I think I can almost take on STAAR this week without a care!

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